An API for AI for StarCraft II
SC2API Documentation

Some quick start guides have been added:

How to Build - How to git this project, and how to build a Visual Studio solution.

Getting Started with SC2API - How to run examples.

Tutorial 1 - Create a simple bot.

Tutorial 2 - Make your bot build SCV's and Supply Depots.

Important Interfaces

The two most important interfaces you will use are the ObservationInterface and the ActionInterface which are available to your Agent. Get the ObservationInterface by calling Observation(), and the ActionInterface by calling Actions() from your Agent.

An "Agent" is your bot, capable of performing actions in a game – a player.

An "Observation" is a snapshot of the game's state at any given point in time, which is available at any time when a game or replay is running. The Observation Interface provides access to a list of units, including your Bot's units and enemy units that are visible to your units.

An "Action" is a command given to units, for example to attack, move or build a structure.

Important Notes