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SC2AI Ladder Season 6 Tournament

At the end of this season of the ladder, we will be holding a tournament. Prize pool will include 2 Nvidia Titan X graphics cards, and many other prizes besides. Format is as follows:


Rule modifications Note:

It has been decied that source code will not be released publicly unless specificly requested by the author. This is due to complaints and several authors considering their participation in the tournament. I apologise for the late change in rules but it was decided for these reasons:
  • If authors pull out or do not submit their strongest bot it may diminish the competitive integrity of the tournament, essentially making it a competition of who's left, not who's best
  • Authors would spend time obfuscating code, that would take time away from producing their best bot, and making the rule essentially useless
  • It was decided that the late change to the rules would not affect the overall competition because the source would only be released after the event, and would not affect the competition itself