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How do I get my hotkeys working?

Discord chat link, written by mkultra: https://discordapp.com/channels/86297202451816448/485063237436440591/655873259861966868

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To get my hotkey settings and audio working correctly in a human vs bot match I copied the hotkey profile and settings associated with my battle.net account over the local settings that the ladder application uses. 

First I made a local hotkey folder called 'Hotkeys' in Documents/StarCraft II/

Then I grabbed the hotkey profile that was saved most recently in game from Documents/Starcraft II/Accounts/somenumber/Hotkeys and copied it into the Documents/StarCraft II/Hotkeys folder I made.

Then, to get the game to use that profile, as well as use the correct audio device etc, I copied the variables.txt from my account options in Documents/Starcraft II/Accounts/somenumber/ and pasted it over the one in Documents/Starcraft II/

Try this if you want to use your own hotkeys in a vs bot match