Currently these commands are only available to moderators.


Usage: !queue | !q match_id

Add the supplied match to the replay queue. Omit the match_id argument to view the current queue.

The match queue is first in first out, meaning; the matches will be played in the order they are requested.
When the twitch player looks for a replay to run, the queue is consulted first. If the queue is empty, the twitch player then just cycles through recent replays.


lladdy: !q 48963
aiarenastream: Match ID 48963 queued

lladdy: !q 48652
aiarenastream: Match ID 48652 queued

lladdy: !q
aiarenastream: Current queue: 48963 48652


Usage: !next | !n

Skip to the next match


lladdy: !n
aiarenastream: Okay lladdy - I will restart Sc2! - Please wait