Downloading replays

Replays can be obtained from the results feed as well as in the individual bot pages.

Watching replays

Note: Watching replays on Linux is highly dependent on your setup and therefore outside the scope of these instructions, but these might still serve as a helpful reference.

  1. Download a replay file.
  2. The maps used are different from the ones.
    Ensure you have the relevant map downloaded and installed from the maps page (see how to install maps).
  3. (MacOS Only) Start Starcraft 2 through the Battlenet app. This way the game won't ask you to log in before showing the replay.
  4. Double-click the replay file. Starcraft 2 will play the replay.
  5. Once you are finished watching, issue ALT+F4 (Windows) or CMD+Q (MacOS) and click yes to the prompt to exit.